Bi-Di OLT dB kit. SM (1310/1550nm). Memory

Product code 4211028 Copy
Product type OLT-55A-C Copy
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ETIM-Class EC000305 Copy
  • Product specifications

    OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester is a all-in-one loss tester integrated with Stabilized Laser Source, Optical Power Meter, Optical Loss Tester, ORL Tester and Length Testing functions. It can perform automatic bidirectional loss test on single fiber with Pass/Fail assessment. With rich functions, flexible configuration and excellent user friendly design, OLT-55 is the ideal optical loss tester to completely evaluate the optical fiber link condition in FTTx, LAN and CATV network.

    Automatic Bidirectional Loss and Return Loss Test on Single Fiber:

    Two OLT-55 at both ends of a single optical fiber can perform bidirectional loss test by just pressing one button and can automatically measure and display the entire fiber attenuation and total length to help users acquire complete and accurate optical fiber loss information.


    OLT-55A-C is a dual-wave, colour display
    Laser Source: 1310/1550nm, > -4dBm
    Power Meter: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm, -70 ~ +10dBm
    (-60 ~ +10dBm @ 850nm)
    USB port, PC software, Bidirectional Loss Testing, Power Monitoring, Auto Wavelength Recognition, Rechargeable battery

  • Measurements
    Weight 315 g Copy
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  • Technical Specifications - Test & Measurement Equipment
    Fibre Type Singlemode Copy
    Calibrated Wavelengths 1310nm, 1550nm Copy
    Auto Wavelength Identification  Yes Copy
    Power Range -70 ~ +10 (-60 ~ +10@850nm) Copy
    Nominal Output Power -4 dBm Copy
    Detector type InGaAs Copy
    Resolution 0.01 dB Copy
    Number Of Sampling Points 1000 Copy
    Data Storage Yes Copy
    Connectivity USB Copy
    Connector Type SC/UPC Copy
    Output Connector SC/APC Copy
    Battery Tye Li-Ion Copy
    Battery Life 35 h Copy
    Power Save Feature Yes Copy
    Average Laser Life Expectancy Copy
    Light Source 1310nm, 1550nm Copy
    Power Supply 230 vac Copy
    Laser Type FP, LD Copy
  • Physical Specifications - Test & Measurement Equipment
    Weight 350 g Copy
    Length 177 mm Copy
    Width 80 mm Copy
    Height 44 mm Copy
    Relative Humidity 95 % Copy
    Temperature ranges for Operation -20ºC ~ 50ºC Copy
    Temperature ranges for transport and storage -40ºC ~ 70ºC Copy