SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner 0.95L

Product code 1693918 Copy
Product type TC-35LF Copy
Count 1 Copy
Sales unit Pcs Copy
ETIM-Class EC002609 Copy
  • Product specifications

    SqueekyKleen cleans and fans fiber in two wipes to save time and money. No follow-up with alcohol required to clean and separate fibers before splicing. It reduces chemical odors and keeps vapor concentrations to a minimum in splice trailers and chambers to ensure a safe work environment and is less harsh on your hands. 

    • Quickly cleans cable filling gel and flooding compounds
    • Requires only two wipes and the fiber squeaks and fans
    • Nothing left to require a secondary alcohol wipe
  • Measurements
    Length 90 mm Copy
    Height 230 mm Copy
    Width 90 mm Copy
    Weight 800 g Copy
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